For medium & large companies

Good governance is a challenge.

Senior leaders must simultaneously act as stewards, entrepreneurs, generals, advocates and counselors. Not only do they have to square off against market competitors, but also grapple with internal risks such as execution challenges, monocultures and resource constraints, all the while presenting themselves as models of corporate values.

Above the fray

With the whirlwind of day-to-day business, it’s often impossible to get above the fray and start working on the business rather than in it. Subsequently, the more deliberative strategic questions fall to the board, who already possess a heavy responsibility of oversight.

A good board is a collaborative endeavor between intelligent, experienced and trustworthy people, working towards the long-term, sustainable health of their organization. Company and industry expertise should be paired with the insightful application of independent experience and viewpoints. Diversity is key to architecting well-rounded strategies and achieving robust outcomes.

People suitable to such a task are a rarity, akin to the most precious of metals.

We can help

We offer a rich vein of diverse talent from which NEDs, complementary to your needs, can be found.

We recognize the necessity of values such as probity, maturity and entrepreneurial spirit and carefully screen our prospective partners on that basis. We accept people who have shown themselves to be rigorous, critical thinkers who can respectfully challenge the conventional thinking in an intelligent, constructive way.

Moreover, we believe our partners will be a public reflection of good values. Not because they pick up that mantle for the task, but because it is part of who they are, having been developed and tempered over the long arc of their experience.

To learn how our NEDs can enable your organization’s most critical objectives, request an invitation to connect here.