For small companies


Simultaneously the most earnest goal and most dangerous risk of every small company.

Stepping on the accelerator is an exciting prospect for any new business, but speed brings risks. Many accidents occur because drivers can not see far enough ahead, do not know the track, or because the vehicle is pushed beyond its limits.

Racing forward

In a professional environment, race drivers are supported by a team whose combined expertise, perspectives and steady hands temper the inherent risks of those fast speeds and hot-burning engines. The team’s position away from the driver’s seat gives them the wider perspective and calmer circumstance to see the larger picture, including the risks and opportunities therein.

But for the small organization, those advisors’ hands-on know-how is just as valuable. Many advisors can tell you what you ought to do, but those who can also give detailed, imperative guidance on how to do it are the most valuable of all. Drivers are not mechanics, material scientists or indeed, pit-crews.

How we help

Our partners offer this same combination of broad experience, independent perspective and empirical problem solving to your growing organization. Their mixture of both strategic and practical insight offer our clients the most efficient means to safely accelerate sustainable growth.

You can trust our NEDs to constructively surface and challenge existing assumptions and practices within the business, while also offering both fresh ideas and critical feedback to strategic initiatives. You can rely on our NEDs not only to reflect your organization’s culture, but to also help shape it.

To explore how our NEDs can support you and your company’s growth ambitions, request a consultation with one of our team here.