Digital NEDs

The world is changing. Innovation, technology and information seurity are driving upheavals, both positive and negative, that many companies are struggling to manage.

The problem

The central reason for this struggle is simple: lack of available talent.

Quality technical expertise is difficult to come by even at the operational level, and many of the people who possess those skills lack the strategic and commercial awareness to operate effectively at the board level.

As a result, many boards are forced to confront these issues without a solid understanding of technology’s true benefits, limits or underlying principles. The risks for organizations who cannot successfully grapple with their technological questions are equal in scale only to the benefits for those who can.

The solution

A small number of our partners possess this kind of understanding; our Digital NEDs. People who can offer an opinion, and communicate in plain language as to why they hold that view through easily understood principles, rather than technical arcana.

Being fluent in the mechanics, principles and culture of both the technological world and the boardroom enables our digital partners to bring new inspiration to the development of strategy and confidence in the underpinnings of transformational initiatives.

Crucially, Digital NEDs restore the board’s essential ability to evaluate matters with a significant technical component, whether in strategic optionality or overseeing the execution of initiatives.

Such “bilingualism” cultivates and strengthens the understanding of fellow board members to improve their ability to operate independently and effectively in the technology sphere.

Our Digital NEDs are available as either full directors or on a consulting basis to assist existing board members in discharging their duties.