About Us

We are not a recruitment agency.

We are a global team of Non-Executive Directors.

Founded in London, Non-Exec Directors Limited (NED.LTD) was created to provide companies with access to not just a strong bench of individual NEDs, but also to an NED network collectively creating world-class executive thinking and corporate guidance.

The problem we solve.

Engaging an NED is a time consuming and costly process. Many company recruiters will follow pre-defined search criteria set by the board; lengthy experience and deep knowledge of specific domains, strong financial acumen, and robust strategic thinking capabilities, just to name a few. Yet, there is no certainty that a candidate with a strong IQ who meets the desired capabilities will not produce just another ‘nodding head’ when it comes to the most important decisions that impact the company’s future.

Many companies will look at what NED candidates can do. Smart companies look at not only what they can do, but also how they can do it.

Possessing experience of board dynamics, dealing with powerful executives, applying intelligent questioning to debate constructively and challenge rigorously, all in the service of delivering a dispassionate decision while remaining staunchly independent IS what differentiates a good NED from a great NED.

How we solve it.

The NED.LTD team is specifically chosen not only for their deep knowledge and practical experience, but also for their proven approaches for how they enable their stakeholders to transform the companies they support. This skillset is what we call ‘Capabilities Plus’.

A great NED requires strength of character, tactfulness, empathy, understanding, and most importantly, care. At times, honesty can be uncomfortable, and confrontation challenging. NED.LTD Partners are uniquely skilled in this area. Our team is differentiated from many traditional NEDs through our continuous education of ‘Capabilities Plus’. To deliver the best talent to our clients, we develop not just our NED’s IQ, but also their EQ to deliver exceptional results where it matters most; in the boardroom.

Our engagement model.

Client companies have two choices.

  1. Secure an NED
  2. Secure an NED and leverage the NED.LTD global talent network

Some companies secure an NED from our team with a specific skill set that will bring contrarian insight and intellectual robustness, presented to leadership is a way that turns strategy into reality.

Other companies will require this, plus the collective wisdom of NEDs from other corporate disciplines to deal with greater complexities and interdependencies to truly transform the organizations’ trajectory.

To discuss your NED requirements, request an invitation to connect with our team here.